About us

Harrison O'Reilly is the captivating voice behind After Work Wonders, the destination of retirement topics that has been enriching the lives of retirees and soon-to-be retirees for over a decade. A former financial advisor with over 35 years of experience in the industry, Harrison retired early at the age of 55 and embarked on a journey to live life fully, embracing new experiences and adventures that retirement offers.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Harrison graduated with a degree in Finance, and quickly climbed the corporate ladder in various prestigious financial firms. His deep understanding of financial planning, especially in the context of retirement, has proven invaluable to his readers.

However, Harrison's interest isn't just about finances. He explores a broad range of topics, including health and fitness, travelling during retirement, building and maintaining social connections, lifelong learning, and fulfilling hobbies. His writing is imbued with wisdom, warmth, and wit, reflecting his personal experiences and inspiring others to see retirement not as an ending but as a new chapter filled with possibilities.

In his leisure time, Harrison enjoys sailing, gardening, reading biographies, and exploring international cuisines. He currently resides in a serene coastal town in North Carolina with his wife, Elizabeth, their two Labradors, and a mischievous cat named Simba. He is also a proud grandfather of four who continually inspire his adventures and stories.

After Work Wonders is more than just a retirement blog; it's a testament to the joy, growth, and fulfillment that come with retirement, seen through the lens of a man who truly lives what he preaches. Harrison's hope is to help others navigate this exciting phase of life with grace, joy, and a sense of adventure.